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I see her worse than yesterday. Besides the current viermi babyblog she also viermi babyblog again internal deworming and she started eliminate worms when throwing up. This night is again with me. She does not want to eat or to drink. She stayed today at the vet, receiving infusion and in the evening some injection with antibodyes. She has most probably Parvo and receives treatment for Parvo.

Because she was supposed to stay all alone at the vet, viermi babyblog night, I took her home to be able to caress her and viermi babyblog the first our in the morning she will go again at the vet to remain under observation. Fever, not eating not drinking. Diarhea with blood and worms, throwing up a blank liquid.

She received antibiotics viermi babyblog needs viermi babyblog stay under our observation. Tomorrow will go again at the keep you all posted. Fingers crossed for my little Baby. Am gasit-o in concediu, in Maramures, la poarta Cimitirului Vesel din Sapanta, uda toata si bolnavioara.

Odata luata de acolo s-a simtit in siguranta insa peste o zi a inceput sa just click for source simta rau: nu mai manca, viermi babyblog mai bea apa si facea treaba mare cu sange si multi viermi. Viermi babyblog dus-o la veterinar in Viseul de sus, ca sa reziste pana la Brasov.

Am dus-o de urgenta la veterinar unde dupa aprox. Totul fusese din cauza viermilor. Am crezut ca o pierdem insa si-a revenit miraculos. La tarcul unde ii am pe ceilalti doi catei Nelson si Gina Baby nu poate sta. E prea micuta, face galagie si vecinii nu sunt de acord cu viermi în fotografie câini tratați ei acolo.

Asa ca am mare nevoie urgenta de FOSTER. Platesc tot ce este nevoie plus o suma lunara de bani. Va rog din suflet sa dati SHARE pentru a-i gasi un locusor pana la gasirea unui camin. We found her during our viermi babyblog, in Maramures county, at a tourictic location, all wet and sick. Once we took her from there, she felt safe but viermi babyblog another day she started to feel very bad link not eating, not drinking, poop with blood and a lot of worms.

We went with her at a vet in that county in order to resist on the way to Brasov. She got well even if I thought I will loose her.

All issues were because of the worms that were enough in his little body. Read more cannot viermi babyblog at the pen where I also have Nelson and Gina, because she is crying viermi babyblog day long and the neighbours does not want her there. So I have to find a solution as quick as possible, till Monday.

I look for a paid foster till I manage to find a home for her too. I will pay for everything that is viermi babyblog plus a monthly amount of money. Please, please SHARE viermi babyblog story and help me save her too. In case you want to help me, I viermi babyblog my usual paypall adress: yahoo. Now she is recei ving treatment viermi babyblog the nervous thing also and starting viermi babyblog tomorrow she will continue receive mostly vitamins for the nervous system.

Since she started to eat and since I am feeding her with watter and Vyio hope very soon she will drink by herself most probably Parvo is on the way to be cured.

The major remaining thing would be the walking issue. Also, when you raise her from the ground you feel all her joints she is fragile. But despite all these I want to still hope she will be perfectly viermi care iubesc and cured and want to THANK YOU for you moral and financial support. Don't know what I would do without it.

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